‘Chalo Pakistan Chalte Hai’: Korean YouTuber Daud Kim Enjoys His Stay In Lahore

Former K-Pop star and YouTuber Daud Kim is enjoying his stay in Pakistan. The South Korean singer took a flight to Lahore right after performing Umrah. Fans want to know what he is up to and what made him want to visit our little corner of the world.

Daud Kim was a famous K-Pop star, who found his true religious calling three years ago, converting to Islam. Since then, he has left the K-Pop industry to pursue Islamic teachings, while preaching on YouTube.

Daud Kim

Recently, he took to his Instagram to share picture from Jeddah airport and his ticket to Lahore.

“2 hours to get the ticket but Alhamdullilah I’m going,” Daud wrote with a Pakistani flag emoji.

The South Korean singer is enjoying his stay with a friend in Lahore, having his first iftaar in Lahore.

Like an excited kid, Daud wants to try everything in Pakistan, asking fans for suggestions on food, places to visit, etc. He continues to write loving message for Pakistanis and appreciating the hospitality he has gotten so far.

Daud Kim (originally Kim Kyun-woo, or professionally as Jay), is a South Korean singer and actor who converted to Islam. He was a member of the popular EDM trio TraxX and a former member of SM Entertainment’s project group SM The Ballad.

What do you think South Korean singer Daud Kim should do in Pakistan? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.


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