Check Out Nadia Khan Doing an Impression of Meera [Video]

The television show host even did a hilarious imitation of the Baaji actress.

Nadia Khan

Everyone has something to say about Meera Jee and so does Nadia Khan. The television show host even did a hilarious imitation of the Baaji actress.

In her appearance on ‘Har Lamha Purjosh‘, when asked about Meera during a segment of the show, Nadia Khan did not hold back.

While responding to the question, the Dolly Darling actress mentioned Meera Jee’s renowned accent. Apparently, while we all find it lucid and funny, the Zun Mureed actress thinks Meera sounds confused. She even slipped in her impression of the movie star.

Nadia then said in Meera’s tone, “Meera seems confused ”


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She even kept up the act while responding to further questions saying;

“Nadia portrays wrong image of me ”

The show’s host Waseem Badami and the other guests were rolling over laughing at Nadia Khan’s mimicry.

The Kaisi Aurat Hun Mein actress then recalled an encounter with the starlet. She tried paying her a compliment but Meera didn’t like the comment.

“Once I told her, ‘you are unpredictable’ which she minded a lot and said ‘why did you call me unpredictable‘”


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Do you feel it’s okay to make Meera Jee the butt of the joke? How do you feel about her antics and others using that to imitate her?

Even when doctors committed the actress to observation during her stay in the United States, some thought it was a joke.

Mental health is no laughing matter.


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