Chinese Kids Performing to ‘Sohni Dharti’ Will Melt Your Hearts [Video]

Really amping up that ‘all-weather friendship’.

Who can forget the iconic national song ‘Sohni Dharti‘ by Shahnaz Begum? The patriotic ballad is one of the nation’s most beloved and frequently heard ballads. However, a recent rendition of the song is making headlines for love from abroad.

Pakistan and China’s ‘all-weather friendship‘ has quite the rapport. Now China is amping it up a notch with a delightful performance to ‘Sohni Dharti‘.


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Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque shared the video of the touching tribute on Twitter.

“A colourful and heart warming performance by young Chinese children on ‘Sohni Dharti’ song at Qingdao TV to welcome the new Pakistani Ambassador. It really touched my heart.”

The performance had been organized by Qingdao TV upon the arrival of the new Pakistani ambassador to China.

A Chinese orchestra has previously created an instrumental cover of the patriotic ballad.

Previously there have been several instances of Chinese singers singing covers of the Pakistani patriotic ballad Dil Dil Pakistan. Meanwhile, Pakistani artists Hadiqa Kiani and Javad Ahmed have also lent their vocals to Chinese songs.


History of Sohni Dharti

Sohni Dharti is a famed patriotic ballad originally sang by Bengali singer, Shahnaz Begum. The songstress is still famous in Pakistan for her patriotic song and Jeevay Pakistan as well as Urdu ghazal.

Unfortunately, she moved to Dhaka following the partition of East Pakistan, current day Bangladesh.


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The song was revamped by Coke Studio S8. The track was a mash-up featuring various artists such as Ali Azmat, Fizza Javed, Mulazim Hussain, Ali Haider, Alycia Dias, Siege, Mekaal Hasan Band, Kaavish, Ali Zafar, Sara Raza, Arif Lohar, Mai Dhai, Rizwan and Muazzam, Atif Aslam, Karam Abbas, Sara Haider, Bakhshi Brothers, Nafees Ahmed, Shazia Manzoor, Umair Jaswal, Quratlain Baloch, Ali Sethi, Nabeel Shaukat, Gul Panraa, Asim Azhar, Samra Khan, Malang Party, Ustad Hammad Ali Khan, and Surriya Khannum.

It even featured famed veteran writer Anwar Maqsood.

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