Clothing Brand ‘Generation’s Pushes for ‘Nikkahnama’ Awareness in New Campaign

Much needed for this wedding season.

With the wedding season in full swing in Pakistan, which has every other brand launching new collections and designs, the clothing brand Generation has come up with a novel and interesting idea to create awareness about the most important thing in Muslim weddings —  the nikkahnama (marriage contract) with the launch of its new collection also.

This is a highly needed social cause as many Pakistani brides and grooms-to-be are unaware of the clauses or legal aspects of the nikkahnama.

Generation’s latest collection — ‘Consent’ is a collaboration with the Centre for Human Rights “to start the conversation about reading and knowing the nikkahnama”.

Generation put up a series of posts leading up to its new collection, each of which had a thought-provoking caption.

We usually get so involved with all the other preparations for our wedding and forget to check the most important element, which is the nikkahnama.

This post mentions the little-known facts about the bride’s right to encapsulate special conditions in the nikkahnama.

Generation also highlights the legal aspect of officiating a nikkah.

The campaign also talks about the groom’s right to special conditions:

The campaign further mentions that it is imperative for all new couples to read the contract before signing it to save themselves from future misunderstandings.

In the end, it’s your ultimate decision, and nobody else’s.

When it comes to conceptualizing campaigns, no one can do it better than Generation, it’s a fact! The brand has always tried being inclusive with its heartwarming campaigns, be it showcasing its dresses on mothers, plus-sized models, or people with different skin tones and skin conditions like vitiligo, generation has always been on top of its game!

Needless to say, the concept behind the new Generation collection ‘Consent’ is one that deserves appreciation.