Pakistani Celebrities Remember 2014 APS Attack Victims

Never forgotten.

One of the darkest days of Pakistani history, 16 December, will never be forgotten and our celebrities paid their respects to the victims of the 2014 terrorist attack on the Army Public School (APS) in Peshawar yesterday.

Actor Adnan Siddiqui uploaded a pitch-black image in memory of the victims of this Black Day. He penned a heartfelt caption, stating,

Eight years on, we are still heavy with grief. Some wounds never heal. May Allah have mercy on us.

The Mere Pass Tum Ho star prayed for the victim’s loved ones, in a follow-up post.

“An act of senseless madness and sheer barbarism. It’s an open wound, a somber reminder that the smallest coffins are the heaviest. May peace be upon the families who lost their young ones,” he said.

Popular actress Kubra Khan still remembers the fateful day when news of the horrific terrorist attack shocked the nation. She posted a picture of an APS student’s school uniform and bag left untouched and wrote in the caption, “I remember waking up to this horrendous news this day years ago. My heart was wrenching and my brain was unable to fathom the lack of humanity in humans. Seven years down to this day, I get the same lump in my throat, the same heaviness in my heart and the same prayer on my tongue”.

Habs star Ushna Shah mourned the “countless” innocent lives lost to war and radicalism.

She stated, “To categorize Pakistan as a terrorist state is to insult the countless Pakistanis who have paid the price of wars led by the United States and the radicalized terrorism that has seeped onto our soil. Today marks eight years of one the most painful examples of these wars. APS attack-we will never forget”.

Veteran actress Samina Peerzada prayed for everyone’s safety and hoped that history would never repeat itself.

“My heart is very sad today. May Allah keep my country safe, protect the children of my country, and save our people from all kinds of human evil. Today forces us to think about the lives we have lost. I hope history is never repeated. May God give us the ability to make the right decisions. Amen,” she wrote.

Other notable Pakistani celebrities who expressed their grief for the APS attack were Sami Khan, Reema Khan, Hira Mani, Faysal Quraishi, Sana Javed, and Sumbul Iqbal Khan.

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