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COAS Takes Notice of Colonel’s Wife Shocking Misbehavior With Police [Videos]

A very disappointing incident.

colonel's wife and coas

Recently, a video had been circulating on the internet of a woman misbehaving with police officials on a check post on Hazara Motorway, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In the video, the lady in question wasstopped at a check post for security reasons.

She claimed to be a colonel’s wife and felt insulted that she was stopped by the police. Although the police officials tried to calm her down, the woman kept maneuvering her car at them, saying they are wasting her time.

Let’s take a look at the video. Be warned though, it contains harsh and strong language that’s not suitable for all audiences:


After the video went viral on the internet, authorities took notice of the situation. She can be seen manhandling the security equipment and constantly badgering the police officers who were simply doing their job. The woman clearly seems to be an offender; Misbehaving with the police officers, cursing at them for doing their job, and then jostling the security equipment to get her way.

As far as actions against this go, reports say that the Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa, has taken notice of the incident. This news was also confirmed by Senator Rehman Malik of PPP.


Anchorperson Gharida Farooqui, who has reported this news on her Twitter account said,

Video of the army officer’s wife at Hazara Motorway check post misbehaving with police officials. Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa took immediate and stern notice of the incident. Immedietely itiating disciplinary action against the officer concerned.


This video is circulating on social media.


Since the video has been circulating on many social media platforms, it has come to everyone’s knowledge that the woman’s husband, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Farooq khan, has also had a similar reaction to police officers conducting their job, and doing a routine security check.



Everyone who has seen these videos can’t help but notice the arrogance and entitlement at the display. Many people can’t help but think – is anyone above the law?

Perhaps this tweet sums it up best:


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  1. They both ( Lieutenant Colonel Farooq and his wife )are already divorced way back , almost a year ago.

  2. Daily hundreds of men, women, underage are disgraced by Police in Pakistan. To the extent that police has killed innocent, kids,elderly and women on record without any of their fault. Yes any misbehavior must not be tolerated by any regardless of their rank and status but making it a hype of this level clearly shows the malafide of these commentators against Pakistan Army.
    Under any prevailing law of any country on this planet, no one can be punished because only because of having any relationship with the person committing the crime.

  3. Imagine a British officers wife assaulting a police officer, especially at a security check point in England. She would have been arrested immediately.

  4. Its really Sad how he’s dealing with lower staff??? and still we are saying we are Proud to be Good nation of Pakistan? This is ethic of higher command.

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