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Desi Groom Gets Beaten at His Own Wedding

Weddings are never about the groom, but this one was.

groom's beatdown

Desi weddings are such great fun, from traditions and customs, to dancing the night away, and let’s face it , those occasional family feuds. One wedding took a family feud too far, with a groom’s beatdown at his own ‘doodh pilai‘ in Sri Lanka.

Then again, desi mom science deems drinking milk to be the cure for wellness, so he’ll be fine (probably).

Weddings and Beatdowns

Weddings are never about the groom of course. They tend to be all about the bride. We just never pictured a groom having his moment like this though. And yes, there were tears. That’s really not the standard idea of a wedding day beatdown


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We all have a story or two to tell about what goes down at a doodh pilai. What could go wrong with the ‘ritual’ of the bride’s sisters, cousins or friends bring a decorated glass of milk for the groom and have the groom then pay for it? Priceless moments, am I right?

In this particular case, the bride, Bano’s family in Maraka village took the ‘pay up‘ part too serious. They beat up the groom Habib Muhammad for paying Rs 1000 when the demanded amount was Rs. 2000 (who said that money can’t buy love?).

When the groom and bride started fighting over the issue, this lead to the groom’s beatdown by the bride’s family. Really sending a clear message about marital bliss to come (or martial action, it’s all in where you place ‘I ‘).

Was the fight between the bride and groom that bad, that the family jumped in? Talk about too many cold feet.


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Too bad, you can’t ring the wedding bells to call off a brawl. But in this case, the unlucky groom really was saved by the bell.

There’s a lesson here folks. This is why we’re taught to ‘choose our battles wisely in marriage’. Habib, a resident of Habibabad literally got a crash course on that one.

Meanwhile, someone from the groom’s side blamed it on ‘the other man‘. Talk about desi aunty logic, the classic ‘it was the other man/woman‘ excuse.

The logical explanation would obviously be ‘what were they drinking?’. The doodh pilai custom at weddings has the bride take a sip and then the groom takes a sip from the same glass. Legend has it that this causes love between the mian and biwi to grow.

This doodh pilai just resulted in rumors and animosity instead.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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