Dia Mirza Blasts BJP Leader Who Mocked a Kashmiri Grandfather’s Murder

These people aren’t human.

Dia Mirza - Viral Kashmir boy

Bollywood starlet Dia Mirza slammed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Samrit Patra for his callous comments about a child who was caught in the middle of an ‘anti-terrorist operation‘ by Indian forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The image of a three-year-old child caught in the midst of an anti-terrorist operation by the Indian Army went viral as netizens were taken back the horrors in Kashmir. The picture depicts the toddler with a bullet-riddled body of his grandfather who had been gunned down by Indian soldiers in Sopore.


Bollywood Actor Shatrughan Sinha Bashes Modi Govt Over Kashmir Lockdown

Unfortunately, BJP leader Samrit Patra thought this was a good time to mock a Kashmiri’s death for politics.

BJP leader Samrit Patra callous tweet about the recent viral image from IOK


That’s when the former pageant queen Dia Mirza called out his cruel and insensitive comment.


The BJP leader even tried to defend his comment by trying to dub the actress as a ‘selective placard holder’.

“Unlike you whose Empathy is selective Remember I am not a Selective Placard holder BTW I am your fan and would love to see you with a Placard condemning Pak sponsored Jihad today”

But Dia immediately shut him down pointing out the fact that empathy is not selective, that’s just politics.

A death that sent shockwaves around the world

One Kashmiri grandfather and his granson had been out to buy milk. The grandfather was gunned down by Indian military forces during a firefight with freedom fighters. The child’s family and eyewitnesses asserted that the Indian Army and Indian security forces killed innocent civilians. In fact, there are photos of the troops desecrating the same body once the guns went silent.

Indian news outlet ANI thought it was a good idea to film the traumatized child.

Pakistani celebrities mourn the latest atrocity

Meanwhile, Pakistani celebrities also called out the horrific incident that has left cyberspace shocked and dismayed.


Bollywood Actor Shatrughan Sinha Bashes Modi Govt Over Kashmir Lockdown




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