Did Bamsi Beyrek Really Talk To His Fans in Urdu? [Video]

Fans did not see that coming!

The Diriliş: Ertuğrul craze seems to be a never-ending thing in Pakistan, and it is most likely to go on for a longer time than we expected. Almost every Pakistani wishes to meet the stars behind the Turkish historical series. And their hopes don’t seem too far-fetched as many Turkish celebrities have already graced ‘the land of the pure’. Now, not only did Bamsi Beyrek [aka Nurettin Sönmez] surprise his Pakistani fans with a 3-day trip but he also uttered a few words in Urdu. And this, of course, left his fans totally flabbergasted. And happy.


Bamsi Beyrek


We have already seen many Turkish celebrities come to Pakistan – from Engin Altan to Cavit Çetin, we’ve met them all! But there was one actor from Ertugrul who was yet to visit the country. To our pleasant surprise, last week reports started flooding on social media that Bamsi Beyrek was in town. On his trip, he was accompanied by a fellow Turkish star, Artuk Bey [aka Ayberk Pekcan].



Many fans of the Turkish series took to their respective social media accounts to welcome the stars and thank them for showing love and respect.





Fans loved seeing each and every highlight from the stars’ trip to Pakistan. Even their entrance to one of the events didn’t go unnoticed. Let’s take a look at Bamsi Beyrek and Artuk Bey making their grand entry:



But one thing that has caught the attention of his fans more than anything is that Bamsi Beyrek spoke to his fans in Urdu. Undoubtedly, it is one of the cutest things a Turkish actor has done on their visit to Pakistan.

The actor was asked a question- and before answering- he wanted to ask the audience something. He said:


First of all, Asalamoalaikum… and aap kese hain? [How are you?]


The Video

The video started making rounds on social media soon after his interview. Take a look at it here:




Another surprise!

Another thing that surprised his fans was that Bamsi Beyrek was a total heart-winner with his attitude towards a kid. Look at how he reacted when a young fan asked him if he could take a picture with the famous actor:



What do you think of these videos of Bamsi Beyrek in Pakistan? Share your views in the comments section.



‘Ertugrul’ Stars Bamsi and Artuk Bey Enjoy Their Visit To Pakistan [Pictures]

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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