Did Bilal Saeed & Saba Qamar Get Married? [Pictures]

Yep, we’re talking about “Qubool Hai.”

Bilal Saeed & Saba Qamar

Over the Eid weekend, Bilal Saeed & Saba Qamar shocked their fans worldwide. The two of them, very nonchalantly, posted a picture of them holding hands. They captioned it “Qubool hai”. Of course, we did not exactly know what they were agreeing to, but most of us probably thought they were getting married.

Bilal Saeed is a Pakistani singer who has been married for more than a decade. But his Instagram post alongside Saba Qamar confused almost everyone. The shaadi vibes in the photo were what caught everyone’s attention, other than the caption, of course.



The Baaghi actress followed with the same picture and caption. And well, everyone lost their minds.




Fans took to their social media accounts to express their disbelief.



As it turns out, the two of them are working together for Bilal Saeed’s new music video. Saba Qamar confirmed that she is working with Bilal Saeed, this time as a director.

We’ve a new director in town! A little surprise for all of you coming very soon. Directed by @sabaqamarzaman.

After all the quarantine weddings, if this had been true, it would have truly been a shock for everyone.




Kudos to Bilal Saeed & Saba Qamar for pulling off this amazing prank for the promotion of Bilal’s album.



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