Disabled Teenage Girl Raped By Six Men In Chakwal

This is sickening.

While we all strive towards women empowerment, there are still numerous cases of injustice and fiendish acts committed by people against the fairer gender in our country. Recently, a teenage girl was allegedly abused and assaulted in Chakwal. If that wasn’t heinous enough, the young girl was handicapped and her attackers were six men.

According to reports, a mother filed an FIR against an unknown man who invaded her home and sexually abused her 14-year-old disabled daughter. She stated that the man invaded her home on the night of May 26 and fled when one of her daughters woke up.

“One of my daughters, who is 14 years old and is deaf and dumb, got frightened and traumatized. After being consoled, she revealed by sign language the identity of the man who had entered the house,” said the mother.


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The case has been registered by the local police following the complaint filed by the daughter’s mother. She also said that her daughter had told her that she was raped by six men, including the man who entered their house, [at] different times.

The girl also mentioned that on May 20, another man took her to a “funeral place” by motorcycle and sexually assaulted her.


The medical examination of the girl has been performed and the authorities are waiting for the report.

“The initial report suggests that the victim has been sexually assaulted,” investigating Officer Bushra Batool told news reporters.

At the moment, police have apprehended three of the six individuals involved in the heinous crime. A fourth suspect was arrested as well but has managed to obtain a pre-arrest bail. The remaining two suspects are yet to be arrested. Stay posted for more updates on this story.


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Written by Sher Alam


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  1. AA
    it is submitted that in case FIR No.56/20 of PS Lawa Chakwal, dated 29/5/20, it was reported that one girl named Shumail aged 14 years who is physically challenged (deaf & dumb) was raped by 6 men of same locality on different occasions.
    Police acted swiftly and ARRESTED 3 nominated accused while the remaining 3 have been granted interim bails by court till 12/5/20.
    All legal formalities like DNA tests, 164 statement through a sign language expert etc are being conducted and case will be finalised on Merit pls. Regards
    Irfa Tahira

  2. This is shockingly barbaric behaviour by those men. They deserve to be charged and treated by the law as best fit the crime.

  3. Request the Government of Pakistan take serious strict notice against the said criminal persons ‘ they should hanged till death openly ‘ so nobody courage to do in future.Shame Shame

  4. That’s the crazy thing that a fourth person who is involved in rape got pre arrest bail. If they can get bail before thn it’s not hard for them to get it later on.
    When police knows that they are involved thn how u can let them to stay more in society..to rape an other kid or woman?

    • This incident has shown clearly cruel face of the society. No relaxation has been given to criminals who have involved this incident.

  5. Instead of putting case in files and court process for years, drag the asses of such basturds on main roads and thn hang them till death in any public place. So others can get a good lesson.

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