Discover the Essence of Eid Collection: GulAhmed’s Unstitched Luxury Collection 2024

As the festival of Eid-ul-Adha approaches, it’s time to embrace the celebration with style and grace. At the forefront of traditional Pakistani attire, GulAhmed introduces its unstitched Luxury Collection for 2024, designed to infuse luxury into your festive wardrobe. With an array of opulent fabrics and intricate designs, this collection promises to make your Eid celebrations unforgettable.

Discover these timeless ensembles at and prepare to dazzle at every gathering.

Collection Highlights

This year’s Eid collection from GulAhmed is a blend of tradition and modernity, featuring over 20 new ensembles crafted from luxurious fabrics such as mehsuri, jacquard, silk, and chiffon. Each piece showcases the meticulous craftsmanship synonymous with GulAhmed, incorporating traditional motifs with a contemporary twist. From vibrant floral prints to subtle pastel hues, the unstitched Eid collection caters to a diverse palette of fashion tastes. Highlights include:

Mehsuri Silk Ensemble

Drape yourself in elegance with this mehsuri silk ensemble, adorned with hand-embroidered floral patterns. Its sophisticated design makes it a standout choice for Eid celebrations, blending traditional craftsmanship with timeless style.

Chic Chiffon Suit

This chic chiffon suit sparkles with intricate needlework and sequin embellishments. Perfect for evening gatherings during Eid, it embodies a delicate balance of grace and glamour, ensuring you shine under the festive lights.

Modern Jacquard Outfit

Embrace contemporary fashion this Eid with a modern jacquard outfit. Featuring a harmonious blend of geometric and floral motifs, this piece sets the trend for festive wear, combining classic elegance with modern design.

Elegant Silk

Experience the luxury of pure silk with this elegant ensemble. Combining classic embroidery with contemporary cuts, it offers an exquisite addition to your festive wardrobe, ideal for Eid celebrations.

Lightweight Chiffon Dress

Opt for comfort and style with this lightweight chiffon dress. Adorned with detailed paisley prints in soothing colors, it’s perfect for daytime events, offering both breathability and elegance.

Bold Mehsuri Design

Stand out this Eid with a bold mehsuri design that merges rich textures with eye-catching festive patterns. This ensemble is designed to make a statement, perfect for those who appreciate vibrant traditional attire.

Sleek Silk Ensemble

This sleek silk ensemble pairs traditional embellishments with modern silhouettes, offering a sophisticated option for Eid. Its refined aesthetic ensures you look polished and chic at any festive gathering.

Craftsmanship and Quality

GulAhmed stands as a paragon of quality and craftsmanship. The Eid dresses for women are not only visually stunning but are also made to last, ensuring that your investment continues to enhance your wardrobe for years to come. The focus on impeccable finishing and attention to detail in each garment means that every piece is a work of art, ready to wear and re-wear across multiple festive seasons.

Convenience and Customer Benefits

Shopping for your Eid collection at GulAhmed is not just about style; it’s also about convenience. With a flat shipping rate of PKR 99 across Pakistan and a 30-day worry-free exchange policy, GulAhmed ensures a seamless shopping experience. Whether you’re browsing online or visiting in-store, these benefits make it easier than ever to update your festive collection.


As Eid-ul-Adha 2024 approaches, make a statement with GulAhmed’s unstitched Luxury Collection. With designs that resonate with both traditional elegance and contemporary flair, this festive collection is designed to make your Eid shopping a delightful experience. Explore the range in-stores or online, and find your perfect Eid outfit to celebrate in style. Remember, when it comes to Eid dresses for women, nothing compares to the luxury and sophistication of GulAhmed.