Disgusting: Women Face Assault During Holi Festivities in India

This isn’t right.

While people in Pakistan sit and argue about the relevance of Aurat March, India celebrated the colorful festival that is Holi. It is that time of the year, where people paint the streets with color, dance, celebrate the festivities. But its not all rosy. Some individuals take advantage of the festival to grope, assault, and humiliate women without their consent.

Holi is that one time of the year where men can simply say: ‘Bura na mano, Holi hai’ (don’t mind our misbehavior, it’s Holi after all), and grope women in public without feeling bad about it. ‘Consent’ seems to be a distant factor during this ‘festival of color’ and every year the hooliganism seems to take on newer forms.

So what do you get when you combine ‘Holi’ and TikTok, the infamous video-sharing app that is the home to some of the most dumbest and insensitive and vile content on the internet? Well, a whole series of videos featuring people forcing themselves on women, all under the pretense of celebrating the colorful festival that is Holi.

A horrible trend

Here are a few videos of women being forced to take part in ‘Holi celebrations.’ Note: Trigger warning.

In this horrible video, two boys can be seen forcibly dropping what appears to be mud on a woman after they removed her dupatta to uncover her face.

@vipinpanwar65♬ original sound – user06673626


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In another, a woman is seen sitting with her head bent on the floor, visibly try to protect herself while surrounded by a number of reveling men and a woman. The men were pelting her head with color-filled balloons.

@user684421312♬ Badri Ki Dulhania Title Track (From “Badrinath Ki Dulhania”) – Dev Negi,Neha Kakkar,Monali Thakur,Ikka

@pawankaimla7Happy Holi ##holi ##holiyholi2019 ##holichallenge ##happyholi♬ original sound – user06673626

@mohitkirtania2##???? happy Holi##tiktokindia_♬ original sound – user06673626

Concluding thoughts

TikTok is already notorious for promoting violent, immoral and stupid content, and it is no surprise to see this type of behavior become a norm on this video-sharing platform.

While people here debate about the Aurat March and how ‘unnecessary’ it is, this sort of misbehavior is just a small fraction of what the problem with society is. It is only a matter of time before this trend catches on in Pakistan.

This sort of trend has become normal in India and the country is still fighting to end with a culture that is often promoted in their films, songs, and pop culture.

What should be done to end this kind of culture in society? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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