Disgustingly Yours: This Ice Cream Parlor Lets You Mix Pakoras, Samosas & More!

If you are in Lahore, try this out?

The internet is having a meltdown because of an extremely innovative new ice cream in the market – a pakora ice cream!

Wouldn’t you want to devour this pakora flavored ice cream in Lahore?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream because who does not love the best dessert in the whole world? But Lahore is trying to turn things around, and it’s for you to decide whether for better or for worse.

People are having a meltdown and an urge to break their fasts simply because of this weird pakora ice cream

When asked, the owners of Chaudhary Ice Cream believe that they would like to change the way people eat ice cream. They say that conventional ice cream is a “been there, done that” deal and that some innovation was necessary.

The owners said that they have decided to continue using some classic options. However, they als wanted to come up with as many flavors as possible.

Standing out from the rest?

So here’s the deal with their ‘unique flavors.’

The owners use a handful of pakoras and pour a huge amount of cream on top of it and well, just… mush it together. This combination is then mixed and served with pakoras on top. Oh and, finally, some chutney is then poured over this dessert (if we can even call it that).

Mmmm… Delicious right? We will leave that decision to your taste buds because we aren’t too sure what to feel.

And of course, reactions are there

Pakoras? Ice cream? Chutney? Never heard those three words in a row before.

We reckon that mothers from all over Pakistan are probably just shaken at the thought of messing with their original delicacy and making it a contemporary mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you’re a mother, we suggest reading this piece at your own risk. We take no responsibility for the tingle on your taste buds.

According to people, this pakora ice cream is a sheer disgrace to Pakoras and chutney:

People even felt bad for the poor pakoras:


Some people even said that the lockdown might be the reason for this creativity by the owners:




Kudos to the brave people who wanted to try this combination:



Oh, and Pakoras aren’t the only out of this world flavor this shop is known for;

They even have a Ramzan special variety such as the Dahi Ballay ice cream. Now don’t get us started. Just watch the video below and decide if this is for you:

And… there is… we can’t even… Spring roll ice cream too

Oh and don’t forget to try their samosa flavored ice cream.

Okay. That’s all folks. We support innovation, but this one, we will leave for you to decide on your own. Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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