Does Ali Xeeshan’s Anti-Dowry Campaign Reek of Hypocrisy?

Given the prices of his designer dresses, netizens are wondering if it’s irony or ignorance. What do you think?

Ali Xeeshan's anti-dowry

Ali Xeeshan’s anti-dowry campaign left a strong, powerful message for all fashion lovers. The campaign took off with several celebrities writing ‘Jahezkhori Band Karo’ [stop extorting dowry] on the palms of their hand. Everything, from the video to the ramp walks, showed the negative impact dowry has on our society. But given the prices of these bridal dresses, is Ali Xeeshan being a bit too self-righteous?


Ali Xeeshan's anti-dowry


The Numaish collection was showcased on the ramp for Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week. On the ramp, a young bride walked out alongside her husband. It appeared to be an average walk down the ramp till people noticed the couple was walking out with dowry. Laden with the heavy-weight dowry, the bride could barely walk. Let’s take a look:



Ali Xeeshan also posted pictures from the campaign on the fashion brand’s official Instagram account. Let’s take a look:


Ali Xeeshan's anti-dowry

Ali Xeeshan's anti-dowry

Ali Xeeshan's anti-dowry

Ali Xeeshan's anti-dowry

Ali Xeeshan's anti-dowry

Ali Xeeshan's anti-dowry

Ali Xeeshan's anti-dowry


The campaign was further endorsed by UN Women Pakistan. Taking to its Twitter account, the UN entity posted:


UN Women Pakistan supports NUMAISH – a pledge against dowry by
Share this powerful message and join us to #StopDowryMongering

#NumaishNaLagao #JahezkhoriBandKaro



In addition to the pictures and the ramp walk, a video was also posted. It too had an impactful message. Taking to his Instagram account, the fashion designer wrote:



Shedding light on the epochal and alarming issue of families fretting over saving money for their daughters’ dowry (Jahez) instead of their education that is far more important. It’s time to put a stop to this overburdening tradition!


Let’s take a look at the video:



Is Ali Xeeshan’s anti-dowry campaign hypocritical?

While Ali Xeeshan’s anti-dowry campaign has impressed millions, many believe it is a bit self-righteous. One Twitter user pointed out that given its prices, this campaign might be hypocritical.


The recent campaign against dowry is impactful. So I looked up the designer Ali Xeeshan. Google took me to his bridal collection. One would have to sell their kidney to buy this dress. *cough*



Another Twitter user replied to the Tweet and wrote:


We have become a hypocrite nation by mindset in the last 3 – 4 decades. Not this designers fault. A huge majority is hypocrite in more than one way or point.
This guy bringing out dowry issue while selling a million worth dress.. says a lot.



Perhaps Ali Xeeshan’s anti-dowry campaign was not limited to showcasing a problem in society. Perhaps he will donate its proceeds to underprivileged women? However, if that is not the case then this is nothing short of unfiltered hypocrisy. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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