Does Waseem Badami Resemble Atif Aslam?

A fan thought so.

Pakistani television show host Waseem Badami is often the one pushing people to share personal experiences on his show. Recently the tables were turned on the TV presenter.

In his appearance on Nida Yasir’s ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, the former news anchor shared a hilarious moment with a fan.

“Once I was travelling through airplane and the airplane was ready to take off when suddenly a man came and asked me for an autograph.”


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Soon enough the whole plane knew the Har Lamha Purjosh host was onboard or did they?

“The man who asked for the autograph was quite loud that everyone around me can hear him clearly. The moment I led my head down for giving an autograph I heard that man saying ‘Sir you have sung Tajdar-e-Haram very well, great job!

Funny thing is Waseem Badami didn’t sing Tajdar-e-Haram that was Atif Aslam! The fan thought he was Atif Aslam the entire time.

Badami sure had a fan moment but the celebrity mix-up is hilarious!

“I was in a state of shock after listening to what he said because he thought that I’m Atif Aslam and he was so loud that everyone near me must have heard whatever he said. I was really very embarrassed at that time”.

At that point the rest of the passengers must have either thought they were traveling with Atif Aslam or were laughing at the hilarious gaffe.

Aside from hosting Har Lamha Purjosh, Badami also currently hosts a political talk show 11th Hour on ARY News.


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He also hosts Shan-e-Ramazan on ARY Digital. He is famous for his hosting and has a fanbase of his own.

What do you think of this funny story? Do you blame the clueless fan? Or do you see the resemblance between the singer and the host?


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