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Dubai Police Catch Thief After He Fell in a Manhole

Almost got away with it if it wasn’t for a pothole!

A thief in Dubai would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for a pothole. The rest of his gang got away (but maybe he’ll rat them out).

A security guard at the new housing scheme in Dubai caught a thief because he fell into a pothole while trying to escape (imagine if that pothole wasn’t there).

This pothole definitely got in someone’s way, for better or for worse.


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Here’s What Happened

Khaleej Times reports that the 47-year-old Asian man and his fellow gang members were being chased down the street by a security official, after committing an act of robbery. During their getaway, the man probably forgot to keep his eyes in front of him, and ended up falling inside a pothole.

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According to the security guard, the band of thieves were discovered inside one of the under-construction villas (what did they manage to steal from there? construction supplies?). When the guard heard noises coming from the place, he decided to investigate, and encountered the thieves.

Sensing confrontation, the band of thieves made a run for it.

The security guard was in hot pursuit (a pursuit gone cold when a ditch pitched in) and that is when one of the perpetrators fell into the ditch. One can say that the ditch pitched in for the arrest. Plus the rest of the gang also ditched him (pun intended).

The thief got ditched because of a ditch? That’s got to be rough.

The man was immediately apprehended (immediately after they got him out of the hole) and handed over to the police.


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After his arrest, he is currently facing charges of attempted theft. A public prosecutor requested for his imprisonment and deportation (this guy sure ended up in a hole).

In this regard, the thief has been referred to the criminal court.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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