Dum Mastam: Transgenders Protest Against Film Over Use Of Offensive Slurs Against Their Community

They want derogatory slurs removed from the film

Dum Mastam

Trans-people gathered at Lahore High Court to protest against the film ‘Dum Mastam‘. So what’s all the ruckus about?

The movie used offensive dialogues pertaining to eunuchs and trans-people. So they approached the LHC against the Adnan Siddiqui production. Their petition called for the word ‘khusra’, a derogatory term used for a transperson, to be removed from the film.

Justice Shahid Waheed of the top court heard the petition.

The petitioner was of the view that a film based on trans-people and eunuchs was being released on Eid in the derogatory slur was used for eunuchs and trans-people. Interestingly, the Supreme Court has prohibited the use of the offensive slur for eunuchs and trans-people.

The petitioner requested the top court to order the deletion of the word from the film. LHC has sought a reply from other parties including the censor board.

Dum Mastam cast Imran Ashraf and Amar Khan in central roles. The movie marks their silver-screen debut. This romantic comedy is set in inner Lahore and makes use of a lot of Punjabi jargons. Directed by Ehteshamuddin the film that will adorn cinemas on Eid-ul-Fitr.


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