Eman Suleman Wows in Funky Retro Co-ord Outfit [Pictures]

The model earns style points with her unique fashion.

Actress and model, Eman Suleman made a chic fashion statement in a stylish red co-ord outfit with a groovy retro design over a black crop top.

The Churails star rocked the funky outfit as part of her collaboration with fashion brand Outfitters. Eman Suleman is a trendsetter due to her unique style and charming personality, which is why she is the perfect muse for Outfitters’ latest collection ‘The Loop’.

eman suleman

Leave it to Eman to make a simple elevator shoot sexy!

eman suleman

eman suleman

The funky outfit has a 70’s feel to it and looks comfortable and stylish, perfect for a casual outing or a lazy weekend.

Eman Suleman is one of the most famous models in Pakistan, and despite only being in the industry for a few years, she has made a name for herself. Since Eman’s appearance in Pakistani television shows, it seems like there has been no stopping her from being successful.

Eman Suleman

She started working as a model in 2017 and in 2018 Eman appeared in the drama serial Akhri Station. The actress was also a part of the short film Zindagi Tamasha and the popular Zee5 show Churails.

Eman has achieved massive success in her career in a short span of time, in 2019 the model was nominated for the Best Emerging Model award at the Lux Style Awards. Fans on her Instagram account have also been increasing day by day.

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