Emraan Hashmi Debunks His Injury Rumors Of a Stone Pelting Incident

It turned out that it was just a furphy!

Recently, a rumor has been surrounding social media that the famous Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi has been injured during a stone pelting incident while he was shooting for his upcoming movie in Kashmir. It created a hullabaloo across the web, his fans were terrified to find out such gruesome news.

But it turned out that it was just a furphy. The Murder star took it to his Twitter to clarify the speculation. Emraan Hashmi is currently shooting for Marathi filmmaker Tejas Vijay Deoskar’s ‘Ground Zero in Kashmir’.

Hashmi tweeted

“The people of Kashmir have been very warm and welcoming, it has been an absolute joy shooting in Srinagar and Pahalgam. The news of me being injured in a stone pelting incident is inaccurate.” 

His fans took a sigh of relief after finding out the truth and commented that they are relieved to know that he is safe and sound.

Emraan is currently shooting for his film Ground Zero. He has been filming in Kashmir since last month. According to an ANI report, the film crew in Pahalgam was pelted with stones by an individual who was an Indian but not a Kashmiri. It is reported that the incident occurred while the crew was filming at Pahalgam on September 18.

But the entire crew is safe and did not sustain any injuries.

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