‘Ertugrul came, sat with the lion, took money and left, didn’t he?’ Fahad Mustafa dismisses the Turkish Actor

PTI’s Faisal Javed Khan criticized the ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ host for taking Engin’s work as a threat.

Pakistani actor, producer, and host, Fahad Mustafa, has been in the limelight for quite some time now. Although he steered clear of any major controversy, when it came to the Diriliş: Ertuğrul debate, the 37-year-old could not bite his tongue this time. His remarks against the show and its actors have caught the attention of many- including PTI’s Faisal Javed Khan.

In a recent interview with Something Haute, the Na Maloom Afraad actor slammed the Turkish historical series and its supporters. Fahad Mustafa made his debut as a producer in 2013 with the ARY Digital show Meri Beti. While his shows have garnered a lot of love and support, his recent shows have been receiving a lot of criticism.

Speaking on the backlash his recent shows Nand and Jalan have received, he said:


In the end, we’re not Turkish, we’re not Indian, we are Pakistanis. Ertugrul [Engin Altan] also came, sat with the lion, took money and left, didn’t he? That’s all you guys were for him. For you, there is Humayun Saeed. It’s us. Admit it or not, we were here and we will be here in the future.



He further added that he produces shows that cater to the larger audiences in the country. Recalling the time when Ishq-e-Mamnu was on the air, he said:


Streets would be empty when it was on air. What was that? A nephew and aunt having an affair. So when I make it, it’ll be called Jalan only, what else should I do? Add the word Shakespeare behind it? Those who are watching Game of Thrones, watching incest, enjoying it even, are criticizing our work, saying why we don’t make such content. What should we do, make it then?


While Fahad did make some excellent points, it was his remarks against Engin Altan that did not sit well with the followers. Even Member of the Senate of Pakistan, Faisal Javed Khan, could not hold back his criticism.

Taking to his Twitter account, Khan wrote:


Engin Altan is one of the finest actors we have seen on TV and Dirilis Ertugrul brought him a huge fame across the world. A lot to be learnt from such a great production and director’s meticulous attention to detail. It is not a threat, it’s an opportunity..


Take a look at his original post here:



While Fahad Mustafa might have made some points that rightfully point towards the audience’s viewing patterns, perhaps he could have avoided striking a nerve. His comments against Engin Altan, who has fittingly made his name in the Pakistani entertainment industry, upset everyone- including Faisal Javed Khan.



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