Fact Check: Does Dur-e-Fishan Use Whitening Injections? [Video]

The ‘Kesi Teri Khudgharzi’ star revealed the untold story about her fair complexion.

Actress Dur-e-Fishan Saleem shut down rumors about using whitening injections during an interview on Sunday.

The actress made her debut on the hit drama serial Dil Ruba with Hania Aamir. People noticed that Dur-e-Fishan’s complexion was wheatish compared to her co-stars. However, after the success of the HUM TV drama serial, Dur-e-Fishan’s complexion became fairer in later projects which made everyone suspicious of her “beauty secret”.

Dil Ruba: Dur-e-Fishan and Hania Aamir

As it turns out, Dur-e-Fishan has a naturally fair complexion. The Kesi Teri Khudgharzi star sat down for interview with journalist Amna Isani on YouTube, to clear all the misconception people had about her.

The actress stated that she applied a tan base on her face while filming Dil Ruba. She said,

A tan base was applied to my face in the drama Dil Ruba to make me appear less attractive than the main character, who was depicted as being youthful, attractive, energetic, and utterly lovely. After Dil Ruba, a lot of people used to ask me, “Did you get whitening injections?” simply because I was given a tanner appearance in order to appear less attractive, but I was fine with it.

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem is an emerging Pakistani television actress. Her notable performances in the drama serial Bharaas, Pardes, Juda Huway Kuch Is Tarhan, Dil Ruba and Bharaas helped her gain fame in the industry.


Fan lauded the actress for her performance in the recently concluded drama serial Kesi Teri Khudgharzi alongside Danish Taimoor.

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