Fact Check: Has YouTuber IShowSpeed Converted to Islam?

He explored Muslim and Emirati culture with YouTuber Money Kicks.

Popular YouTuber, IShowSpeed, clickbaited his fans and followers with his recent latest video title, leading them to wonder if he has become a Muslim like other people during the FIFA World Cup.

The American streamer ticked off another wish from his bucket list wish as he visited the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Dubai, and was left amazed by the Muslim culture during his visit to the UAE.

Darren, who goes by ‘IShowSpeed’ online, uploaded his latest vlog on YouTube yesterday showing him exploring the Muslim and Arab culture of the Arab country with his friend, fellow YouTuber, and guide, Rashid Saif Belhasa, aka Money Kicks.

Money Kicks and IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed was enamored and mesmerized by the beauty and peaceful culture of the region. He even wore a kandoora, a local traditional Arab white robe, before visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Upon stepping inside the grand mosque, the YouTuber whispered,

I just feel white birds, water, peace, capacity, and fortunate.

Those familiar who are familiar with IShowSpeed’s streams know that most of his content has rageful and ludicrous moments. However, his latest video was unusually tranquil.

Check it out:

Who is IShowSpeed?

Darren Watkins Jr. (aka IShowSpeed) is one of the biggest content creators on YouTube and is very popular among the online football community, especially in the e-sports section. He often live streams and makes hilarious EA Sports FIFA game play-along videos.

Darren Watkins Jr. aka IShowSpeed

The American YouTuber has more than 12 million subscribers and is famous for his over-the-top reactions and for hilariously mispronouncing international players’ names.

He recently went viral on social media after he released his song, World Cup, on YouTube ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.