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Fashion Showdown: Pakistani Celebrities Who Wore the Same Dress [Pictures]

Who wore it better?

pakistani celebrities with sane outfit

Pakistani celebrities are trendsetters, especially when it comes to fashion. These actresses and models look to stand out and be unique while choosing their next dress and outfit. Sometimes people see one or two celebrities wearing the same outfits. It is nothing new as different brands ask multiple models to promote their latest dresses and designs. Every celebrity has their own style and personality, and it all depends on who can make the dress look good.

Here are some of the most popular outfits worn by multiple celebrities. This is a classic fashion show-off as it’s up to the fans to decide who rocked their outfit!

Mehwish vs Resham

Both starlets wore a yellow fusion top, paired with elegant black trousers. While Resham kept it casual, Mehwish Hayat added a few accessories to make the outfit pop.

Classy and Elegant

Sumbal Iqbal and Nida Yasir both looked stunning in this outfit. Sumbal Iqbal went step further by including a fancy belt to give the outfit a more formal appeal.

Three-way Net Saree Showdown!

This is a face off between Mahira Khan, Urwa Hocane and Mehwish Hayat. The trio wore an elegant white net saree. While Mahira and Mehwish looked formal with the addition of a red blouse, Urwa Hocane just casually went with the saree and not a lot of makeup.

Nida Yasir vs Madiha Imam in White Gharara

Nida Yasir and Madiha Imam both wore this white gharara in their own unique style. While Nida paired the outfit with a flared frock top, Madiha rocked the outfit with a straight white shirt.

Neon Green is IN!

Flashy neon green is widely popular among celebrities these days, which is what fashion designer Faiza Saqlain incorporated in her new outfit. A traditional dress with a touch of silver was worn by Kiran Haq, Ayeza Khan and Nida Yasir.

Mahira Khan vs Mawra Hocane

It’s a clash between mega star Mahira Khan and the popular Mawra Hocane. Both actresses wore a beautiful blouse with a jungle-themed print. Mawra was spotted wearing the blouse on the runway while Mahira donned the outfit during an international tour.

Mahira Khan vs Urwa Hocane

Mahira Khan is up against Mawra’s sister, Urwa Hocane, this time around as both rocked leading fashion designer Ali Xeeshan’s outfit. Mahira Khan stole the show with this beautiful bridal dress at one of the top fashion shows for bridal collection.


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One Dress, Two Beauties

Hareem Farooq and Areeba Habib wore this stylish traditional dress with elegance as both paired it with pretty accessories that complemented the overall look.

Shaista Lodhi or Ayeza Khan?

Shaista Lodhi and Ayeza Khan wore this elegant orange and magenta dress on two separate occasions. The detailing on this outfit combined with the color makes it so beautiful.

Independence Day Celebration

Syra Shahroz and Sunita Marshal wore the same dress on Independence Day a few years back. The two celebrated and showcased their love for Pakistan with a beautiful white and green outfit.


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Independence Day Celebration – Round 2!

Shaista Lodhi and Mehwish Hayat were also seen wearing the similar dress on Pakistan’s day of Independence. While Mehwish wore the green outfit to show her love for the country, Shaista Lodhi choose to put it on display on her TV show.

Gold and Black Dress Showdown!

Hania Aamir and Sajal Ali, both are equally talented. The two were seen wearing this stylish black dress with gold motifs. While Hania’s dupatta is elegant in its simplicity, Sajal Ali paired her dress with a heavily embroidered dupatta.

Stylishly Yellow

Nida Yasir and Minal Khan wore this gorgeous and vibrant yellow outfit, which was a favorite among other celebrities as well. Nida went all out with the theme as she wore matching high heels and earrings while Minal Khan had a more casual style.

Mahira Khan or Sanam Baloch?

Mahira and Sanam also wore the same dress, the only difference that can seen is due to the lighting effect. Both celebrities carried this elegant dress with style and grace.

Same Outfit, Different Style

This is one of the most stylish outfits on the list. Both Sarah Khan and Nida Yasir rocked the outfit in their own unique way. The colorful blouse with the white skirt makes both of these celebrities look classy.

Clash of The Sanams

Both Sanam Jung and Sanam Baloch wore this elegant and festive dress with style. Sanam B was spotted wearing the outfit at a formal function while Sanam J rocked the dress on her popular morning show.

Neelam Munir vs Ayeza Khan

Neelam Munir and Ayeza Khan can be seen wearing the same outfit but both added their own stylistic touch to it. While Neelam went for a funky and hip look, Ayeza wore the outfit in much traditional style.

Sanam Baloch vs Maya Ali

Sanam Baloch and Maya Ali were seen rocking this pastel colored dress a couple of years back. The outfit itself is beautiful and both celebrities know to carry themselves gracefully in it.

Same Pattern, Different Designs

This is an interesting fashion showdown between Hareem Farooq and Hira Mani as both are seen wearing the same color combo with different pattern designs. Just goes to show how unique the world of fashion is.

Hira Mani vs Hareem Farooq

It seems that Hira Mani and Hareem Farooq go to the same designer as both have been seen wearing similar outfits on multiple occasions. It’s a close call between the two as both look chic in this dress.


Each and every celebrity brought their own style and personality to the dresses that it is impossible to decide. So, the ultimate question, who do you think wore it better?


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Written by Sher Alam


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