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FAST University Takes Action Against 36 Students Over Memes

Justice served?


FAST Lahore finally decided on how to reprimand the students involved in the meme scandal. The university has penalized its students over defamatory memes on Facebook.

The memes were defamatory towards teachers and shared on personal as well as the university Facebook accounts and in other groups. The university has initiated disciplinary action against 36 current and former students.

The FAST University Scandal

FAST University Lahore had to take action against 24 current and 12 former students for posting offensive memes online.

Initially, there was resistance by Netizens asserting this was an abrogation of freedom of expression. However, as the issue opened up on social media, people found out that they were not really memes but rather plain abuse and sexual cyber harassment towards the female members of the faculty.


The Real Reason Why FAST University Expelled Its Students

The Students In Question Receive Penalty

According to verified sources, the FAST Disciplinary Committee took notice of the matter and have demanded 13 students to submit an apology to the campus administration and also post it on their personal Facebook timelines within 10 days from June 27.

Whereas two students were expelled for the Fall 2020 semester, their one grade reduced in all courses registered in the Spring 2020 semester, and directed to do one-hour daily community service for four weeks by cleaning the campus lawn and highway after reopening; one student was expelled for a year and told to do one-hour daily community service for six weeks by cleaning the campus lawns and highway after opening.

“Some students expelled for a semester, one for a year, others asked to apologize.”

Three other students were punished with one-grade reduction in all courses of the Spring 2020 semester; four students with one-grade reduction in various courses; and another directed to submit a written explanation to the Central Academic Office and his result for the Spring semester would be withheld till further orders.

Twelve former students were also directed to submit a written apology to the administration and also upload it to their personal Facebook timelines within 10 days.

Furthermore, the university also made it clear that if the students fail to comply with the orders, then their degrees might get canceled with intimation to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), and they will be blacklisted and reported to authorities for trial under cyberbullying and harassment laws.


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