LUMS Students Recount Horrific Accounts of Sexual Harassment

This has got to stop!


With more and more people backing up women empowerment in Pakistan, a lot of the ladies have found the courage to speak their truth. Recently, many women took to a Facebook discussion group to share their personal stories of abuse, harassment, and misconduct at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. LUMS is reputed to be one of the top business schools in the country.



LUMS is one of the top universities in Pakistan, but that doesn’t exclude it from controversies. Although they recently push out their clarification about a fee hike on social media, it seems like there’s a lot more that needs to be corrected.

People are taking to Twitter to share stories and or support those who were brave enough to come forward and share their traumatic experiences. Many are calling out LUMS management for never taking an action against such shameful acts carried out on campus.


Last year the university was under scrutiny after a complaint was filed against a teacher for sexual harassment. The teacher allegedly disappeared and it seems like no improvements have been made since then.


Everyone is in disbelief, however, some people mentioned they were not surprised, especially former students of the university.


We hope that LUMS takes the necessary steps to ensure the safety of its students and provide them with a secure environment. Kudos to every person brave enough to speak up against such heinous acts.

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