Fawad Hussain Just Destroyed Preity Zinta with One Tweet

The Bollywood starlet just got schooled.

Pakistan’s Minister of Information and Broadcasting Fawad Hussain just schooled Bollywood’s Preity Zinta.

Not only are Pakistani celebrities calling out Bollywood celebs for promoting war and hate mongering, now our very own Information Minister Chaudhary Fawad joined the club.

How Did This Happen?

It all started when IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan was released by Pakistan and sent back home to India.

Preity Zinta had to tweet about it, and that proved to be her undoing. Not only does she not understand what actually happened with Abhinandan, she just tried to make up her own ‘facts’ in the process.

Here’s what she tweeted:

This prompted Pakistani Info Minister Fawad Chaudhary to set the record straight. Stay in school kids otherwise, you won’t understand simple science.

Pakistani songstress Quratulain Balouch also joined in and asked for evidence (that’s right folks logic demands evidence).



More Pakistanis joined in, proving that they’re not just the more rational bunch but also have a better sense of humor.

Where there is common sense, there is a good sense of humor.

Some burns were out of line though. That just hurts


Lying can be a crime, so don’t cry wolf.

American F-16 Maker is Also Really Shocked at Indian Lies

The part about American F-16 manufacturer Lockheed Martin filing a lawsuit against India was not a joke. The aircraft manufacturer is actually suing India for their lies about a Russian MiG-21 taking down an American F-16.

The biggest basis for this lawsuit is the factually incorrect statement by Indian Foreign Office spokesperson that IAF alleged shoot down Pakistan’s F-16 by with a MiG-21 on February 27, 2019.

The US-based firm affirms that a MiG-21 cannot compete with the avionics excellence of an F-16, and making such claims is not just disrespectful but libel.


The company also said that since all F-16s in Pakistan are accounted for, then obviously the story by India has been ‘concocted for political gains by the incumbent government at the cost of F-16’s reputation globally’.

Another lesson here kids. Don’t lie, even if you are a Bollywood superstar from the yesteryear.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. She however didnot see the later development. Return of pilot was real not a fake story portrayed in veer zara. She still lives in the world of self made fools. Reality check

  2. Funny thing is Lockeed Martin officially denied the pakistani news that lockeed martin is suing india for claiming it destroyed f16. Locked martin offical Twitter account denied the tweet of Danial Gillani. That say about reputation of pakistan ib global community.
    Btw pakistan federal minister responding to the tweet of indian celebrities that actually proves the inferiority complex of fawad chaudry.
    If indian celebrity is so stupid and naive then why bother to reply her in first place?

  3. They just understood us as the previous corrupt politicians are running the government business here. World and especially indians can remember this actual pic of us for more than thousand years.

  4. Mr. Umar, let me applaud you on the extreme grasp you have on the diverse subjects of Lockheed Martin, Preity Zinta , Air combat inventory, war tactics, and Fawad Chaudry etc.
    I didn’t research your claim on Lockheed denial. Be that as it may, I leave it as such as am an ordinary person.
    You may have a direct hotline with CEO of LHM. Who knows, Good for you.
    However, Btw Pakistan federal minister responding to the tweet of an Indian and that too of whom arrogance I have witnessed first hand abroad by expat- Indians and her following, then , its needless to say, the comment/tweet etc she makes ( as her claim to fame doesn’t falls short of adding her lineage to indian military elite) is now up for debate.
    Dear Mr.Umar, for one thing, if she has to say all she wants to in a Domestic propaganda setting, your point can be deemed valid.
    On the contrary, using a global network to spread Falsehood inadvertently, gives the right from any price to pauper who has a keyboard beneath is stubby fingers to express. Sorry if you disapprove but that’s the way it is. ( Freedom of expression is recognized a human right, is it not ?)

  5. One thing more to be added… How the sweet person is taking about , not to be hurt the RELATION.


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