Faysal Quraishi, Yasir Hussain Play Around With Chained-Up Lions at Simba’s Kingdom

Netizens were not appreciative of the lion’s treatment at the sanctuary.

Faysal Quraishi and Yasir Hussain took their families out on a fun day at Simba’s Kingdom Petting Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary in Karachi.

Faysal Quraishi and Yasir Hussain “bravely” posed with a few chained-up lions while their kids played around with a couple of lion cubs. Yasir and Iqra Aziz even brought along their adorable son, Kabir Hussain, as well.

The two celebrities posted the video reels from their outing with the soundtrack from the Disney classic, The Lion King.

While some people enjoyed the showbiz celebrities’ family outing at the Wildlife Sanctuary, people online were not appreciative of the lion’s treatment. One user wrote,

Chaining a lion is an extremely cruel act. Lions can never be tamed or domesticated, they are not meant to be live like this. They are wild animals and could be very dangerous.

faysal quraishi yasir hussain

Netizens are upset with the domestication of wild animals in Pakistan and don’t like lions being paraded out in chains for people’s amusement. Not long ago, actress Azekah Daniel came under public scrutiny for using lion cubs as props for her fashion shoot.

Here are a few clicks from Faysal Quraishi and Yasir Hussain’s fun family day out:

yasir hussain


faysal quraishi yasir hussain
Yasir Hussain and Faysal Quraishi

Faysal Quraishi even posed with a python as Yasir acted as a snake charmer in the background.

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  1. What nonsense is this?
    You want to see lions?
    Go to Masai Mara or mara sarova!
    Don’t be cruel to these animals please.
    Send them where they belong, to the wildlife parks!