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FBR Issues Tax Evasion Notice to Stage Actress Khushboo

How much money does she owe the tax man?


Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued a tax notice to actress Khushboo. According to reports, the actress didn’t pay her income tax returns for the year 2019.

Upon investigation, FBR found some discrepancies in her tax returns. The actress did not even disclose her assets, therefore she has been issued a notice at her residence in Johar Town, Lahore.

As she evaded her tax and also tried hiding her assets, she will have to pay the penalty as well.

A Repeat Offender

It is pertinent to note that film actress Khushboo has been on the list of tax evaders since 2016.

During the 2018 audit, she again tried hiding her assets. She claimed that her yearly income was only Rs 4.5 lakhs. However, when the FBR made a thorough investigation, assets worth over RS. 16 lakhs were brought to light.

In her defense, Khushboo said that she received that amount of Rs 16 lakhs as a gift. She was asked to present a list of people who gave her such a valuable gift. However, she did not have an answer for that query.

As a result, she was charged with a substantial penalty for evading her tax returns.


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