Feroze Khan Quits Showbiz For Islam

The actor outlines his reasons.

Feroze Khan

Looks like actor Feroze Khan has quit showbiz and is following in the footsteps of Hamza Ali Abbasi, following his spiritual awakening. The actor opened about his decision.

Over the weekend, the Khaani actor made an announcement on social media that he bid adieu to the entertainment industry. Feroze opened up about how although he is no longer a part of the Pakistani entertainment industry, he will continue to act.


Here’s Why Feroze Khan Deleted His Instagram Account


Now he will only be providing his services as an actor for the teaching of Islam.

All fans were taken by surprise by this announcement from the Gul-e-Rana actor.


Although the actor has been sharing spiritual insights a lot lately, no one expected he would part ways with showbiz.


Twitter Reacts

Some fans responded with a mixture of excitement and wished the actor well.




Others advised the Feroze Khan against the decision.


There was even some critique here and there.




There were even comparisons to Hamza Ali Abbasi’s decision to steer clear of commercial projects. While the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actor did initially announce that he would be making his own content and continue acting, he recently reconsidered his stance on commercial projects.


U-Turn? Hamza Ali Abbasi Says That He Hasn’t Quit Acting

He revealed that he was just taking a break and will be a part of commercial projects in the future.

When Feroze Khan Quit Instagram

Previously Feroze Khan had quit Instagram briefly. This too seemed like a spiritually motivated decision based on his wife Alizey’s post stating;

“May this spiritual journey brings more faith in your life and serve the purpose. A proud wife.”

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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