Feroze Khan Requests All Fans To Stop Trolling Ex-Wife Aliza Sultan

“Bring her back to ease”

Actor Feroze Khan has requested all his fans and followers to stop trolling his ex-wife Aliza Sultan. He won the hearts of everyone with his sheer compassion and gracefulness after being targeted by absurd allegations since his divorce.

After the divorce saga, the actor’s ex-wife has become quite active on social media. She often shares lovely pictures of herself and her kids with her fans and followers. Aliza even start modeling for different fashion brands which were looked upon by some of the netizens and they often flak her for living her new life full of resilience and empowerment.

She now enjoys her violence-free life, however, some people can’t accept the fact that she is divorced and has two children and still smiles brightly. Whenever she uploads any picture, they slam her for being this carefree.

Watching all the negativity targeted towards his ex-wife, Feroze showed his kindness and requested his fans to stop attacking her with harsh comments. He even asked them to leave her alone and let her live with ease as they have nothing left between them.

Here is what he said,

For the unversed, Feroze Khan has been under severe criticism for the past few months after his ex-wife, Aliza Sultan, accused him of domestic abuse.

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