Fight Breaks Out Between Staff and Guests Over Bill at a Restaurant in Margalla Hills

Netizens are outraged by the restaurant staff’s behavior.

A shocking incident of violence unfolded at La Montana restaurant in the scenic Margalla Hills of Islamabad.

The video clip has gone viral on Twitter of the restaurant’s management staff attacking a customer over what appears to be a bill dispute.

The disturbing footage depicts security personnel of the upscale establishment brutally striking individuals with canes and forcibly expelling them from the premises.

The video was initially shared on Twitter. The Twitter handle reported that the incident took place at Monal but netizens pointed out that it was in fact La Montana restaurant.

The clip quickly gained traction, sparking outrage among netizens who were appalled by the aggression displayed by the restaurant’s staff.

La Montana has faced criticism in the past for its high-priced menu offerings, which have led to debates about affordability and accessibility.

However, the incident captured in the viral video has intensified the public’s frustration, with many condemning the alleged use of force by the establishment’s security team.

Among the reactions on social media, one Twitter user went as far as labeling the management and staff of La Montana as a “mafia,” reflecting the severity of the situation and the public’s negative perception of the incident.

The exact circumstances that led to the altercation remain unclear at this time. Neither the restaurant nor its management has released an official statement addressing the incident. The video has spurred conversations surrounding customer service, security measures, and the treatment of patrons within such establishments.


  1. There should be proper inquiry about this case and culprit should be given severe punishment. Meanwhile I will boycott La Montana.

    • This restaurant most probably is owned by a Government ministers.. Otherwise no staff would have the guts to be violent to customers. All are protected by the Top leaders

  2. Boycott this filthy rip-off restaurant. CDA should investigate and cancel their licence if found culpable.