First Episode of Drama ‘Taana Baana’ – Worth a Watch or Not?

The first episode of Danyal Zafar and Alizeh Shah starrer ‘Taana Baana’ aired today

Drama Taana Baana opens up in a typical setting. A not-so-complicated Pakistani family is looking for a suitable match for their son, Zain, played by the very handsome, Danyal Zafar. Lo and behold the phupho aka Komal Rizvi happens to the perfect match and shares a picture of Zoya [Alizeh Shah] in the family WhatsApp group. Everyone instantly falls in love with the girl, including our hero, Danyal.


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Turns out, Zoya is not keen on getting married. She is an ambitious girl who aspires to do her Masters. She straight out tells Zain (Danyal Zafar) that she is not interested in marrying him. On the other hand, Zain is head over heels in love with the girl in the very first episode. And so begins the plot of Taana Baana.

Is it similar to Suno Chanda?

Before the first episode of Taana Baana aired, a lot of people were considering it similar to Suno Chanda but we found the drama to be quite different. There are no loud characters like Shahana here that will instantly bring a smile to your face. Neither is Alizeh Shah very appealing in her role of Zoya.

Alizeh Shah looks drained and a little low. Although it’s too early to say we are definitely not sure about her comic timings. Unlike Iqra Aziz, who essayed her role in Suno Chanda with immense energy, Alizeh opts to play it subtle.

How was Danyal Zafar in his debut play?

The only saving grace of the first episode is Danyal Zafar. He portrays the role of Zain with authenticity. Also, he is looking super handsome! Watching him on-screen will definitely be a visual treat for many. His smile is just to die for.

But apart from his good looks, Danyal has also done a tremendous job in his debut play. We must admit that he has got the acting germ inside him. We’re already in love with his character Zain!

We don’t know how will the plot develop further, however, for now, we found the first episode of Tana Bana a bit underwhelming.

Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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