Fiza Ali Opens Up About Her Plans to Get Married Again

The actress also discuss the challenges of single parenthood.

Renowned actress Fiza Ali shared her thoughts on the challenges of single parenthood and the importance of financial independence in securing a bright future for her daughter.

Additionally, she expressed her willingness to remarry, emphasizing the need for a partner who accepts her daughter and supports her professional aspirations.

In a candid interview, Fiza Ali shed light on her journey as a single parent and the responsibility she feels toward providing a secure future for her daughter.

When asked about the possibility of getting married again, Fiza Ali shared her perspective on finding a compatible partner. She said,

I will consider marriage when I find someone who not only suits me but also accepts my daughter and allows me to work.

Highlighting the importance of a supportive partner, Fiza Ali expressed her desire for a relationship that allows her to balance her personal and professional life effectively. She acknowledged the significance of being financially independent, not only for her own well-being but also to ensure a stable life for her child.

She further emphasized her commitment to working hard and maintaining her career, as it plays a vital role in ensuring their well-being. The actress was previously married to Fawad Farooq but had parted ways. Fiza is a single mother to a beautiful daughter Faraal.

Fiza Ali has been in the limelight since her debut in 1999. Famous for her undeniable fashion sense, the star has made quite a name in the entertainment industry and has worked as a host, actress, and dancer.

After a long hiatus, the star will soon appear on our television screens as ASP Kinza Hayat in a drama serial. We are all looking forward to seeing what kind of story she will portray with this character as we know she is also a great actress along with being a pretty fashionista.

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