Fiza Ali Requests Prayers for Her Sister With an Unusual Biryani Video

Faraal also made a guest appearance.

Actress Fiza Ali recently shared a reel requesting her fans and followers to pray for her Api (sister) who is in ICU at a hospital. Her cute little daughter, Faraal made a video asking her mom about the biryani she is eating.

Take a look!

In the video, Fiza can be seen clad in simple white ethnic wear eating biryani. Telling Faraal how she got that biryani plate from the hospital, she shared that a patient got discharged from ICU so their family members distributed Biryani to everyone.

Apart from eating biryani, Fiza also requested her daughter and all her fans to pray that her sister also gets discharged from ICU so they could also distribute biryani to celebrate that moment.

Fiza Ali has been in the limelight since her debut in 1999. Famous for her undeniable fashion sense, the star has made quite a name in the entertainment industry and has worked as a host, actress, and dancer.

Fiza Ali

After a long hiatus, the star will soon appear on our television screens as ASP Kinza Hayat in a drama serial. We are all looking forward to seeing what kind of story she will portray with this character as we know she is also a great actress along with being a pretty fashionista.

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