Generation’s Eid Collection 2019 Brings Back the Spirit of Eid [Pictures]

What Eid used to be all about before the digital age

Generation has gone full blown Desi with its’ Eid Collection 2019. The Pakistani brand is known for its contemporary taste that caters to millennials.

Generation’s Eid Collection 2019 campaign for Parcel Kahani revives what Eid used to be about before the digital age.

Generation Eid Collection 2019 revives what Eid was about before the digital age

Eid is usually a time when most people don outfits that are often rooted in tradition. This includes whatever variation of shalwar kameez, churidaar, dupatta, and gharara that may be. That’s why most brands’ Eid Collections are traditional.

Generation is a contemporary brand but its’ known for keeping culture alive through crafty pieces. This time the brand has gone further in owning Pakistani heritage with its Eid Collection 2019.

Generation Eid Collection 2019


The Spirit of Eid

Generation’s Eid Collection 2019 is focusing on what Eid is about besides the clothes. The Parcel Kahani campaign tries to capture the essence of Eid rituals before social media and IMs took over.

These Eid rituals include mehendichooriyaan, post cards, handwritten notes, personalized gifts from our grandmothers.

Generation Eid Collection 2019 revives spirit of Eid

This walk down memory lane or Eid festivities of old was the crux of Generation’s Eid Collection 2019 campaign (even Gen Z will get the story).

The attire is adequate for the theme. The Parcel Kahani collection doesn’t stop at Eastern wear, rather it goes the whole nine miles with colors, cuts, and silhouettes.

Generation Eid Collection 2019 Parcel Kahani

Post-partition designs with fabrics like chiffon, organza, zarri khadi net, brocade, etc.

Even the embellishments went old school with gotta kinari, and aari. 

There’s even colors that were trending back in our grandmothers’ heyday, subtle sherbet hues like mint green, peach, and millennial pink. Then there were pops of color like maroon, mustard, green, etc.

Generation Eid Collection 2019 bring back post-partition designs

Old School Accessories on a New Woman

Generation is known to create clothing for the modern Pakistani woman. With the Eid collection, it tried to personify the ‘No Nonsense Nighat’. A woman that is strong, futuristic, cultured and wears what she wants.

Generation Eid Collection 2019 ‘No Nonsense Nighat’

That’s why Generation’s Eid Collection 2019 and Parcel Kahani campaign threw in sneakers under shalwar kameez, and accessories like paranda, naths, mathapattis, and eyes lined with surma (not kajal or coal liner mind you, that’s different).

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