Ghana Ali Slammed as ‘Homewrecker’ For Marrying a Millionaire

Pakistani drama actress Ghana Ali Raza made headlines with her recent wedding to a businessman named Umair.

Pakistani drama actress Ghana Ali Raza made headlines with her recent wedding to a businessman named Umair. However, now she’s in hot waters over her marriage.

Soon after pictures of her intimate wedding ceremony landed online, they went viral. People were all praise for the bride.

Ghana Ali
Ghana Ali and her husband Umair

However now, the Sun Yaara starlet is being dubbed a homewrecker for marrying a man who is already married. Some are even accusing her of being a gold-digger that just married Umair because he is a millionaire.


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Netizens allege that Ghana Ali’s husband is married. Photographs of Umair with a woman are making rounds online. This woman is said to be his first wife. There are pictures of them with a young boy. This child is said to be Umair’s son from his first marriage.

Umair and his alleged first wife

Ghana Ali

A Facebook user named Syed Ubaid posted these photographs in a post. He asserts Umair has been married to his first wife for five years.

He captioned the post;

“It is really shocking and appalling to see what rich powerful men of our society are capable of doing! The so-called millionaire boss of Karachi, Mr. Umair can be seen below with his wife and son and how within 2 months his wife’s world came crashing down when he started an affair with the famous actress Ghana Ali! Pictures are circulating today of Umair’s marriage with Ghana Ali over the internet whereas his first wife and son had no idea this was going on. Is It even legal to marry a second wife without leaving the first?”

Syed Ubaid’s Facebook post about Umair

As soon as the pictures Ghana Ali and Umair’s nikkah event surfaced online, her husband was fat-shamed. Now critics are focused on the actress not just her husband.


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Although Netizens were quick to fat-shame Umair, he is not being blamed if he is indeed already married. Rather than calling out the man who promised someone forever, and is now marrying someone else, people are blaming the other woman.

This is just the thought process that stems from patriarchy. Previously we’ve seen how problematic this mindset is as the women behind the assault on Uzma Khan got away scot-free. Despite the law clearly listing breaking and entering, assault and battery, as well as threatening as criminal offenses, Uzma Khan’s attackers were not convicted.


More About Ghana Ali

This Pakistani actress made her television debut with the 2017 drama serial, Rangreeza. She rose to fame with a lead role in the Geo TV drama serial Sangdil.

She’s often seen playing an antagonist onscreen. Aside from TV she’s also a film and theater actress.


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