Uzma Khan Returns to Social Media After Malik Riaz Controversy [Pictures]

Back in May 2020 Uzma Khan was brutally assaulted by Malik Riaz’s relatives.

Pakistani actress Uzma Khan is back on Instagram after a months long hiatus from the social media platform. The Yalghaar actress was keeping a low profile after the leaked video controversy and the violent assault by Malik Riaz’s relatives.

Back in May 2020, Malik Riaz’s relative Usman Malik’s wife Amna Usman, Amber Malik, and Pashmina Malik forced their way into Uzma Khan’s house, physically assaulted her, vandalized and damaged property, even going as far as pouring kerosene oil on Uzma Khan and her sister.


Malik Riaz’s Relatives Launch Shocking Assault on Uzma Khan

The culprits filmed the whole ordeal in attempts to shame the actress but ended up highlighting their criminal conduct as the videos went viral.

Uzma Khan then filed an FIR against the women, and high profile lawyers Hassaan Khan Niazi and Khadija Siddiqi took up her case. However, when Malik Riaz filed a Rs. 5 billion defamation lawsuit against the Adhi Gawahi actress, she later withdrew her case as part of a settlement, the details of which are unknown.

The Ye Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actress then deleted all her social media accounts after severe backlash from the public.

Her Instagram and Twitter handles no longer existed, until now that is. Looks like the starlet was plugged in again since late Janaury 2021.

However, it seems she’s still not on Twitter.


Uzma Khan Deletes Social Media Accounts After Alleged ‘Settlement’ with Malik Riaz

The starlet had disappeared from the limelight after her compromising images were leaked online amid the legal battle after the assault video.

Now Uzma Khan has posted two new photos on her official Instagram account with no caption. However, the filmstar has turned off the comments on her latest posts.

Uzma Khan started her acting career with the 2011 film The Dusk. Since then she’s been mostly seen in war films such as Waar (2013), and Yalghaar (2017), with the exception of being part of the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani franchise.


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