Green Jalebis Are Here and Pakistanis Are Grossed Out [Reactions]

You, the maker of these terrible jalebis, must be insane.


We are a nation of serious people – serious about nothing but food. Over the years we have seen people butchering the soul of biryani and now someone woke up and decided to make green jalebis. Something we forgot to mention here is, that it’s not just any green but the worst of all – fluorescent or neon green. *insert sick emoji*

Some people dislike this color in all forms (that ‘some people’ is me), and it’s totally unacceptable to make neon green colored food. That just sounds disgusting and I can already imagine the weird taste of the food. So why did anyone woke up in the morning and chose violence by making green jalebis? That’s the question Pakistanis are asking on social media.



Wasn’t playing with our feelings by ruining biryani enough? Now you chose to ruin our favorite traditional dessert as well? You, the maker of these terrible jalebis, must be insane.

A photo of green jalebis have been going viral on Twitter and netizens are divided. Some are preparing for a battle against the manufacturer and some are ready to try them out. But really, people who want to try them out, what is actually wrong with you? This is not the voice of the author, but a genuine lover of all things sweet. Why would you make us feel embarrassed?

Some people are also comparing it to weird things like Mountain Dew and Billie Eilish’s green hair.

How to unsee?



Netizens react to green jalebis

Anyway, let’s see what netizens have to say about this brutal murder of our dearest jalebis.





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Written by Munazza Mehmood

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