Father and Son Go Viral With Their Home-Cooked Biryani

Why we should support small businesses

home-cooked biryani

While we’re all aware how the lockdown affected everyone financially, the pandemic still hasn’t subsided. That’s why a father-son duo doing what they can to make ends meet is melting the Internet. Their home-cooked biryani is more than comfort food.

This father-son duo are selling home-cooked biryani at the back of Pace Link Road Model Town. After one Twitter user shared their story, Netizens are lining up to help this duo.


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People showered this father-son duo with praise and prayers.



Home-cooked biryani is synonymous with comfort food. So the best way to pay compliments to the chef is by offering some form of comfort. Maybe people should returning the favor by trying to make the life of this father-son duo a bit more comfortable, and support the small business.


People suggested how they could earn more and autonomously. With many Netizens ready to pitch in to help.



The Twitter user that shared this story even shared their contact details.


People have always gotten through difficult times by sticking together. With Ramadan approaching, how about we flex our empathy and altruism by supporting this father-son duo.

These people aren’t asking for donations, rather they’re attempting to make an honest living by selling their biryani. Even just buying their biryani is a way of supporting them. So if you live in Lahore head on over to the back of Pace Link Road Model Town.



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