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Guess What the National Juice of Pakistan Is?

Frooto? Rooh Afza? Chai? You decide!


The Government of Pakistan’s Twitter account is back at it again.

After asking us about the national sweet of the country, the folks behind @pid_gov account had a nifty little poll for us about what could be the national juice of Pakistan.

Once again, Pakistani peeps were all too eager to chime in, and we’ve got responses that were both matter-of-fact as well as rib-tickling hilarious.

Lets get down to what the awaam is saying this time:


Can You Guess the National Sweet of Pakistan?

National Juice of Pakistan, What are the people saying

I think we can agree this tweet is pretty right on the money:

This definitely needs to be there:

Also, Rooh Afza needs to be there:

And then there’s this:

And this is the final tally:

Congratulations to the winner are in order:



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