Hadiqa Kiani & Ali Tolga’s Kashmir Song is Back on YouTube [Video]

Seems like the protests did work.

After protests against ‘systematic silencing,’ Hadiqa Kiani and Ali Tolga’s new track ‘Diami Bahar‘ (Eternal Spring) is back on YouTube. The Turkish tribute to the martyrs of Kashmir and Turkey had previously been removed for unknown reasons.

Released on July 13th, Kashmir Martyrs Day, the track had been removed soon afterward. This led to the Pakistani singer/song-writer teaming up with ‘Kashmir Civitas‘, a global Kashmir activist group, to call out YouTube on the censorship.

Their efforts finally paid off. Hadiqa Kainia shared that;

“To the dismay of many, the video is now BACK on YouTube! Thanks to @kashmircivitas and the reps at @YouTube,”


Hadiqa Kiani Tribute Song About Kashmir Taken Down from YouTube

The Chaap Tilak singer had called it a deliberate attempt to silence pro-Kashmir voices.

“Our tribute to Kashmir was removed from YouTube a few hours ago. There seems to be a systematic silencing taking place but we will not be silenced because our message is of love and peace,”

Hadiqa Kiani
Hadiqa Kiani’s Instagram story about systematic silencing of Kashmir issue


Even now the track is not available on Hadiqa Kiani’s own YouTube channel. Turgey Evren, the songwriter behind Diami Bahar shared the single.

Listen to the full track here;

This wouldn’t be the first time the Kashmir issue has been conveniently swept aside on online platforms. Facebook is notorious for flagging pro-Kashmir posts or posts about human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir for graphic content, and incitement of hate, etc.


Netflix, Amazon and Others Warned to Remove “Anti-India” Content

Similarly, many Twitter accounts were suspended last year as people took to the micro-blogging platform to protest against the abrogation of Kashmir’s autonomy.

The Indian government is also known to work with platforms like YouTube, Google, Netflix, Amazon, etc to remove ‘anti-Indian’ content.


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