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Hamid Ali Denies Assaulting Singer Sanam Marvi

Here’s what happened.

Sanam filed for Khula

Sanam Marvi, a Pakistani folk and Sufi singer, married Hamid Ali Khan back in 2009. Hamid is also a well known classical singer.

The two of them have three children together; and for the longest time, everyone thought they were a happy family.

Allegedly, that’s not the case, especially for the singer of Lagi Bina. Last week Sanam filed for Khula (divorce) in a Lahore’s Family Court.


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Sanam alleged that Hamid’s attitude took a turn for the worse soon after their marriage. From verbally abusing to physically mistreating her, he did not hold back from any sort of misogynistic move.

She says that she could have filed for divorce in the past, but the thought of her children and their future always restricted her. Now that it’s gotten to a point where she can not handle the torture anymore, she has taken action to get out of the situation.

A couple of days ago Hamid submitted a response in court. He denies all allegations of domestic abuse.


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I never misbehaved with my wife, didn’t verbally abuse her either. I take care of her and my children and their finances as well. My whole family loves her.

He has requested the court to dismiss Sanam’s plea for khula. In my very humble and naive opinion, this is a very serious and personal matter; for someone to hold any opinion or bias before anyone is found guilty would be inconsiderate and unkind.

Let us hope that if Sanam filed for Khula to save herself from a toxic and estranged relationship, she gets her peace and quiet out of it. If you have something to add, we’d love to hear from you!

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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