Hamza Ali Abbasi Turns 38, Naimal Khawar And Sister Fazeela Abbasi Write Heartfelt Wishes

Former actor turn Islamic scholar Hamza Ali Abbasi turns 38. The Pyarey Afzal star had small birthday celebration at home with his wife Naimal Khawar.

hamza ali abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi is enjoying his day and feeling the love. Even though he has left the entertainment industry, people continue to adore the former actor. Recently, he had his birthday at home. His wife, Naimal Khawar took to social media to celebrate her husband’s birthday with a heartfelt post.

hamza ali abbasi

“Happy birthday to the love of my life,” Naimal Khawar wrote on a picture post for her husband.

Hamza responded to the post with the comment: “Thank you so much my love.”

It’s not just Naimal who went to social media to celebrate his birthday, Hamza’s sister, Dr. Fazeela Abbasi also shared a heartfelt post for her brother.

“You are a very pure soul with shreds of immaculate moral fabric,” Fazeela wrote. “Your ethics and code of life inspire me & I learn so much from you, every day. Your unconditional love is my pride. Your soulful journey towards Allah elevated you to a higher pedestal and you earned my utmost respect and reverence. It is an absolute honor to be your sister in this world. Love you the most.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi left acting to live a more a Islamic lifestyle and spread its teachings to his fans. Often times, Hamza takes to YouTube to discuss various Islamic topics with his teacher and guide Javed Ghamdi.


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