Sarwat Gilani Talks Plastic Surgery, Shares Story About Her Nose [Video]

Joyland star Sarwat Gilani talks about her nose and plastic surgery in general. The actress shares the story of how she had to have surgery on her nose due to an accident.

Cosmetic surgery is somewhat a taboo subject among Pakistani celebrities. Although there is nothing wrong with the procedure, many actors are afraid to speak about it, fearing harsh public judgement. Actress Sarwat Gilani is one of the few star who talk about it openly. After all, her husband, Fahad Mirza, is a plastic surgeon.

sarwat gilani

Recently, the Joyland star sat down for an interview for a popular YouTube channel. During the interview, the host asks Sarwat since her husband is a cosmetic surgeon, she must have gotten some exclusive surgery.

Sarwat laughingly told the reporter that she’s always been afraid of needles but is glad to have Fahad Mirza as her husband. In fact, Sarwat Gilani states that during her crying scenes, she would have a vein pop up on her forehead. But now, thanks to Fahad, that vein is no longer there.

Sarwat also opens up about her nose, on which she had down plastic surgery. According to Sarwat, she accidently broke her nose at home when she was young.

“I had my nose surgery done long time ago because I use to blackout in my college days,” Sarwat told the host. “One day I blacked out and hit my nose at the edge of the sink.”

Sarwat Gilani explains that the doctors healed her nose and she continued with her life. However, later on in her life, her sister convinced her to get the plastic surgery done. Check out the interview here.


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