‘Hamza’s Character is Not Perfect’ Says Hania Aamir on Farhan Saeed’s Role Being Praised

Hania Aamir is enjoying all the limelight these days and garnering immense fame due to her incredible acting at such a young age. Playing a vulnerable character is quite a challenge, Hania completely did justice to her character as Hala and did an amazing job. And no wonder her crackling chemistry with Farhan Saeed prompted many to tune into the show. The duo’s mastery further made it possible for several to sing its praises on social media.

We usually get to watch the same run-of-the-mill topics where a helpless woman needs to be rescued by a knight in shining armor. Although, feminism in our society is on the surge yet we watch cliche patriarchal dramas of helpless women whose salvation is just in the hands of a man.

Recently, during an interview, the Ishqiya actress said that

“My goal is to always inspire people through my work, and show strong, empowered women. So, Hala was not the kind of role I would accept immediately. So, I refused to do it at first.”

But later when she was convinced that the drama will not turn out to be a cliche and also she will be starring with Farhan Saeed and Qasim Ali Mureed would be directing it. Therefore, she agreed to the play Hala.

Hania Aamir further added that Hala may be weak but Hamza’s character is also not perfect he has his own flaws.

“I will not say that Hamza’s character is perfect. He is, however, a sensible person. He understands people’s feelings and situations. Hala makes mistakes and so does he, but what impresses viewers most is how pure their souls, their purpose, and their intentions are.”

Nobody in a relationship is perfect, what makes a relationship perfect is to accept each other’s flaws and shield them in front of the world to live a happy contented life.

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  1. The most waahiyaad show ever…public is just stupid watching this Ghissi pitti saas bahu rona dhona in the 21st century even..