Hania Amir Breaks Her Silence On Colorism in Pakistan [Video]

The actress meets all the beauty standards set by the society. However, some of her friends suggested her to get a ‘tan’.

Hania Amir

Pakistani actress Hania Amir is one of the most sought-after actresses in the Pakistani entertainment industry. But did you know she too deals with mean comments stemming from the problems of colorism in the country? Read more to find out what she said.

The 24-year-old started her journey in the media industry by making entertaining Dubsmash videos. In 2016, she was cast for the role of Palwasha in the hit movie Janaan. And since then we’ve seen her flawless performances – both on the big and small screen.

Apart from acting, Hania Amir is also becoming popular as a singer and a model. The star has appeared in many photoshoots for big-name Pakistani brands. And when it comes to her looks, she ticks off all the beauty standards set by society.

However, in a recent video, the Dil Ruba actress revealed she has faced colorist comments as well. Speaking about the social issue, she said:


I was with a very good friend recently and he says ‘hey girl, you need to get a tan!’


She further explained how fair-skinned people are told to get a tan, while those with darker skin tones are told they should do something to ‘improve‘ their complexion.


I think it’s high time now that we start having these conversations because for how long will we keep feeling insecure because of the way we look?


The actress further pointed out that everyone should own their skin color and be confident in who they are.


These are really bad beauty standards and we don’t need to follow them. We have a responsibilty towards the next generation to come.


Watch the full video here:



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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