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Hania Amir is Not Dating Asim Azhar

End of conversation.

People are always interested in celebrity gossip, even if it is not true. The most common topic of discussion about a celebrity is not their work or upcoming projects, but who are they dating. The most popular Pakistani celebrities that have become a subject of this discussion are actress Hania Amir and singer Asim Azhar.

The Dil Ruba actress dismissed these speculations in a recent live session.

hania and asim

It is a given fact, if people see two celebrities are close friends, work together or interact often on social media, they are presumed to be dating. This has been the case with Hania and Asim Azhar for a long time now.

The two Pakistani stars are very close with one another and recently, the Ishqiya star made a special appearance in Asim Azhar’s latest single “Tum Tum”.


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Even Wikipedia has become that typical gossip aunty that will turn rumors into facts without asking the people they’re writing about. First it was confusing 5-year-old Ahmad Shah with a century-old Sultan of Gujarat, and now this:

With all this going around, actress Hania Amir decided to clear the air and shut down these rumors. In a recent live session with fellow actress Aima Baig, the Ishqiya star said loud and clear that she not dating pop singer Asim Azhar. Here’s what she said:

 “We are friends, we are not together, we are not dating, and we are not a couple. As far as relationship is concerned, I’m not with anyone.”

Check out the video here:


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