Hareem Shah Breaks Down in Tears in Mathira’s Show Over Bathroom Video Scandal

“It’s okay to cry”

The controversial social media sensation and TikToker, Hareem Shah recently came under fire on social media over her leaked obscene video scandal. According to her, the videos were leaked online by former friends, Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz, to denigrate her character.

To clear this matter the TikTok star appeared on Mathira’s show The Insta Show and talked about the emotional distress she is going through after the private data breach. During the show, Mathira asked her about the lack of any emotional display after such a big tragedy as her videos and pictures were leaked and told her that she is not made of stone to be this expressionless.

Mathira advised that she should not be scared of expressing her emotions as it is normal. Mathira also said that Hareem doesn’t openly share her feelings which makes people doubt how can she be so composed after a big controversy as women break down easily.

This hit home as Hareem burst into tears which prompted Mathira to take a break and console her.

Here is the video below,

We have always seen Hareem Shah unbothered by the things or controversies she is always surrounded with but this viral video scandal changed things a lot and broke down this strong woman.

For the unversed, the videos that were posted and leaked by an unidentified user reportedly show Hareem Shah involved in indecent acts in a bathroom under the shower. Hareem’s husband Bilal Shah also promised to support his wife amidst the recent scandal she is going through. He expressed his disgust and anger towards the culprits who leaked these explicit private videos of his wife online.

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