Hareem Shah In Hot Waters Over Money Laundering ‘Joke’ [Video]

And…she is trending on social media again!

Hareem Shah is trending on social media again. Which makes you wonder what did she do this time.

Apparently, this time the Pakistani Tiktoker is wrapped up in a money-laundering scandal. Hareem Shah admitted to taking money from Pakistan to the United Kingdom illegally. No, she wasn’t caught. Then why do we know this? The social media influencer admitted to doing so in a video.

Why is she admitting to this crime if she wasn’t caught? Apparently, Hareem Shah committed money laundering to expose the gap in anti-money laundering measures in Pakistan.

“No one stopped me, nor can they stop me. I reached safely. However, you know Pakistani law tends to grip the poor more. So be careful.”


Not only did she call out air sport security, as well as institutes like Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) stationed at airports to prevent such crime, she also called out the government.

Aside from the money laundering, the TikToker called out the government over failing to meet campaign promises. From countering devaluation of the currency to improving passport ranking.

While many online are outraged by Hareem Shah’s stunt, others are pointing out how she highlighted a key issue.


However, as the authorities took notice of her stunt and there loomed a threat of legal action, the TikToker backtracked from her earlier statement. She shared how that was just a joke.


On the other hand, even citizens are stepping up to hold Hareem Shah accountable for the stunt.

This brings to mind when journalist Syed Iqrar-ul-Hassan brought a firearm into Parliament to highlight the security gap at the high-security institution. The issue led to widespread criticism but the public also acknowledged that he raised an important issue.

What do you think? Is this stunt too out of hand or does the social media influencer have a point? Let us know in the comments below.


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